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Tips from an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Blog

Tips from an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Blog

It would be best to clean your property professionally to get ready for your landlord or the next tenant. So we are here to help you in our best possible way. Please have a look at the tips below. 

The end of tenancy cleaning service has a team of experts in cleaning, and they are the best at the professional cleaning. As tenancy cleaning requires special equipment the team is fully equipped with the best tools to clean your property within a given time. 

Citi Clean London services are a simple, affordable, convenient, and trustworthy. Our experts carry out the best end of tenancy cleaning that helps you move in or checkout cleaning. End of tenancy cleaning refers to getting your security back by hand over the property to the landlord in the best condition as it is at the time of the rental agreement. In that regard, a handy squad helps you in getting back your security deposits.

As a cleaning service, they know what it requires to make your home perfect while moving in, during, and check out. The professional team maintains every part of your house, so it easily passes through the inspection team. Approval from the inspection team is important to get back your security deposits

Here are the services that Citi Clean provide at the end of tenancy cleaning:


The team cleans every cabinet, shelve, and counter by scrubbing. Our team will ensure to deep clean your freezer and disinfect properly by defrosting the refrigerator. 

Stove the main part of the kitchen, and we will make sure to make it grease free and remove all other marks on near walls and shelves. 

Living and bedrooms:

Citi Clean London ensures you to restore the property in perfect condition. Living rooms are the central part of the house, which needs special attention while cleaning. 

Our team vacuum cleans all your carpets, hallways, and staircases. Dust all the appliances and remove all the dirt from corners. If any showpiece or painting or window mirror requires repairing, it will be done on the spot.

We have professionals to clean your windows, floors, and frames. If there is a need to repair a light switch, the professional will repair immediately on the spot.


We clean the bathrooms until they are sparkling. Disinfect the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Ensure the descaling of all the metal pieces, tabs, and showerheads, or any other appliance if there. 

Mirror will also be clean as it is new and crystal clear.

Why we:

Citi Clean end of tenancy cleaning service is best in restoring the condition of the property. The handy squad team is fully equipped with the best tools that need to repair and clean the tenancy. We provide

  • Cleaners are well trained and professional
  • 100% guaranteed cleaning and ensure your satisfaction
  • Have all the tools for cleaning and repairing
  • Easy to book our services

We have our professional customer care services, so you can easily contact us and ask for your queries. Please share these tips from our end of tenancy cleaning blog so that other tenants can be easily prepared for the tenancy cleaning. 

Restaurants in London Park Royal

Restaurants in London Park Royal

Once you have collected your car hire from London Park Royal. You may feel peckish and wish to stop off in the local area for a bite to eat. If you drive your low cost car hire UK along North Circular Road heading towards Western Ave and the Park Royal Underground Station.

You will find an Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant called the L’Orient which can be found on Hanger Green Road. The restaurant is a few minutes walk from the underground station of Park Royal and offers street parking. The restaurant is opened each day Monday to Saturday for lunch from noon until three in the afternoon. Reopens in the evening from six until half past eleven. There is an all day buffet on a Sunday from noon until 2300.

The outside of the restaurant has wood mahogany panelling with four drop down silver lights and several miniature trees on the pavement in front of the windows. There is a bill board and menus on the window for anyone wishing to have a look before they enter L’Orient. Major credit cards are accepted at this restaurant. Children are welcome and there are disabled facilities available at the L’Orient.

Staying in Hanger Green, London around from the Park Royal metro you will find Paolo’s Italian restaurant. The restaurant can be spotted by the colourful green canopy with the restaurants name in white lettering. The wood panelling is white with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the street where you can park your hired car directly outside Paolo’s. There are several miniature green trees outside the front door which direct you inside the restaurant and a couple of benches outside. The family run restaurant offers inexpensive good value food which has something for everyone including families.

If you prefer Portuguese food then head over to Nando’s Chickenland which is situated on Kendal Avenue close to the Park Royal tube. Set away from the street Nando’s has its own car park with plenty of spaces. There are various dishes to please most tastes including vegetarians, peri peri chicken, various marinated chicken dishes and lots of deserts.

The Dragon King is located in Kendal Avenue in London area of Park Royal. The restaurant is a one level building on its own with familiar Chinese writing and decorations on the outside. There is a car park directly opposite the restaurant. There is a buffet style menu which costs around six pounds and is opened in the evenings and lunch if you wish to treat yourself to an inexpensive meal during the week.

There are many more restaurants in the area. This is just a sample of a few to give you a local guide.

What factors affect the End of tenancy cleaning prices

What factors affect the End of tenancy cleaning prices

End of tenancy cleaning:

It’s sufficient of a routine to clean up after yourself, allow along cleaning up after others. So if you transfer into a different flat, you don’t want any symbols of the former tenant, especially if the signs show a careless manner to health. End of tenancy cleaning guarantees that future tenants will feel they are shifting into a brand new 


Current tenants are generally liable for end of tenancy cleaning. That doesn’t indicate you have to get down on your knees and begin scrubbing tiles. Instead, we look at the end of tenancy cleaning needs.

End of tenancy cleaning tasks:

• Dusting and vacuum-cleaning carpetings, rugs, and pillows 

• Cleaning and shining windows, mirrors, and any glass exterior 

• Vacuuming and cleaning hard floors 

• Dusting and cleaning hard coverings 

• Scrubbing inside and out all kitchen tools and 


• Cleaning bathtub, shower, and sink

• Your house will be left clean and bright 

The end of tenancy cleaning prices depends on these factors.

There aren’t that several factors that change the cost of end of lease cleaning. It all proceeds down to the home’s size, the house’s position, and the number of rooms in the home. Here is a shortlist of properties that affect the price:


Be direct and honest about the size of the property. 


There’s no need to be embarrassed by telling us the position of your apartment. We’ve all been there. 

The number of rooms 

The more extra bathrooms, living rooms, and rooms there are, the higher the price goes up.  

Level of pollution

The next factor deciding the end of tenancy cleaning prices is the situation of your home. If your house is messier than usual, it seems quite reasonable to be priced more than the average rate. Remember that After tenancy cleaning, it’s not a regular washing, vacuum-cleaning, and dusting. 

Average London End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

The average cost for a two-bed flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices London can range from £120 to £240. The price you spend depends on plenty of factors, but the main one is the property size and additional services. Many cleaning companies use the property’s size, namely the number of rooms, to make out a cost matrix.  Extra cleaning services, such as carpeting cleaning, will raise the price. Regularly check your tenancy contract as this usually specifies whether or not you want to clean the carpet when you move out.

The End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London varies from place to place. While in the UK, in some areas you have to pay these given costs according to tenancy.

Studio flat – £80-£140

One bedroom property – £100-£180

Two bedrooms property – £130-£240

Three bedrooms property – £170-£270

Four bedrooms property – £200-£300

Arrange your preparation and make sure you talk to the company you are going to use. Some people don’t have the experience to manage this, but even a short 5-minute discussion about how they will bring out the cleaning and their practice will often highlight something that may create your difficulties further down the line. Different firms offer varying End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices for their services. Some are cheaper; others are more expensive. By yourself, you can analyze the costs and determine the most suitable option for your requirements and budget.

Why call a Professional Handyman Services London for Property Maintenance?

Why call a Professional Handyman Services London for Property Maintenance?

Everything in the world requires repairing at a particular time. Every property eventually needs fixing. Many of us think that they can do it by themselves because they have some knowledge regarding property maintenance and skills. 

When you want the repair by yourself, consider your capabilities, job, and time required to repair. If you are doing your own business or career and have less free time, then instead of doing it by yourself, consider calling the company who offers the handyman services.

We will suggest you consider the outsource company with handyman services London. Consider Instafix Handyman company for repairing your property in London. In this article, here are some common reasons that help you in preferring handy squad services.

Need the perfect job done

Many of us have no skill in repairing and maintaining the property. Nowadays, youtube provides confidence to a higher level than anybody can do it, but some talent needs to be perfect. As repairing the property is a complicated job, you can not do it by yourself. Take the example of a light fixture like it does not require any particular skill, but you might injure yourself or incorrectly do the job. So you may have to face the consequences in the end. It’s wise to choose professional Handyman Services London company such as Instafix Handyman. You can rely on them to complete all handyman related tasks. 

Our trained handyman services London technicians can do such tasks efficiently. And complete this type of repair in a short time. Many other things like painting, you can do easily and also learn from other peoples as well. However, the professional provides you better results in every aspect.

Job need to done quickly and efficiently

The time of repairing the property depends on the condition of your property. Sometimes a person can do the required work, but sometimes it needs group work. If you want to do work by yourself, it may require more time, money, and effort to complete the task than the professional. Usually, the idea of doing by yourself is to save money.

If you spend your time repairing the property, you may lose the time to spend with family or maybe an opportunity to earn more money. Our team of handyman services London has experience in performing the tasks in the handyman style. We will provide you our services and make your property ready for rental purposes or any other business purpose in a more effective way than yourself.

The need for Ongoing Services

Hotels, rental properties, businesses prefer the repairing in ongoing services. They want to improve their structural experience for a better place like significant appearance changes their clients’ perspective. That’s why they need handyman services London so that they can get fixed all that’s needed. 

A professional handyman services London team can help you ensure your property’s maintenance by regular spot-checking as the technicians are trained, so they discover small issues before it becomes dangerous. Handy squad technicians can quickly find mold growth, location of leaks, and many other problems. 

Moreover, Handyman Services London teams immediately respond to your emergency calls and solve your problems. We can provide you fast services in completing the cleaning task. That’s why our regular clients believe in us and call us for minor repairs in the property. 

London – Harrow Restaurant Suggestions

London – Harrow Restaurant Suggestions

We often think the good restaurants are in the city centre but you may be pleasantly surprised by what is on your door step. Here are a few ideas for the Harrow district of London.

If you are close to Putney Station why not pop in and order a pizza and cocktail from citizen smith. There are lots of traditional types of pizza on the menu. Or you could be adventurous and try and order a bizarre sorry experimental pizza to taste. If pizza is not your thing then you could try out a Sunday roast or a salad. Ending the meal with a delicious dessert. Pizza generally cost between seven and ten pounds each.

Keeping on the Italian theme. Visitors could try out Sazio which is a modern, sharp, clean looking restaurant which can be found on Station Road in harrow. Your average meal can cost between ten and twenty pounds for each person. You can order all your Italian favourites before heading off to the vue cinema which is close by to Sazio.

Not forgetting the vegetarians in Harrow. You can order a take out from the very funky menu. Or you can sit in and order a la carte. Most meals cost from around ten pounds from Sakonis. The vegetarian restaurant is situated on the Dominion Parade close to Station Road.

The Vintage Restaurant is located on Station Road and offers an Indian menu. So if you are in the mood for a korma curry, bhoona, or rogan josh with nan bread. Then stroll along to the Indian Vintage.

There are a number of pubs located within the London Harrow area. Yates wine lodge can be found in Station Road with a royal blue banner along the top of the pub frontage.

Molly Malones is located on the High Street close to the Harrow Weald News and Uxbridge Road.

Not that far along from Molly Malones you will find the Fiddler’s restaurant on High Road. This is an Italian restaurant which also covers a variety of special days such as mothers day, Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s day etc. The owners offer a delivery service which customers can order over the telephone and online. A small delivery charge applies please ask when ordering. You can order a la carte for a set menu price on various courses. The prices start at around fourteen pounds for two courses. If you prefer just to order one course from the menu then the price starts at four pounds for a starter.

The Panom Thai restaurant is also situated on High Street in Harrow. They offer take out as well as a sit in set menu. Depending on how many are in your party the price starts at sixteen pounds for a set menu for two. Dishes on offer include duck, chicken, beef with various sauces including black bean sauce, curry, sweet and sour.

6 of well-known Restaurants in London

6 of well-known Restaurants in London

There are some of eating places and pubs withinside the London Kennington region serving scrumptious meals and drink. Here is a small listing which I desire you may enjoy.

La Luna

The eating place may be determined on Walworth Road, London. In truth now no longer some distance from La Luna You can discover the Cuming Museum that’s alongside the road. Meals served are because the call indicates Italian. They specialise in pizza and different freshly organized every day dishes. The commencing hours withinside the evenings are from six o’clock till 11 o’clock. The weekends see the eating place opened withinside the afternoons. A essential meal will set you again among 10 kilos and twenty kilos in keeping with person.

Lobster Excellence

Down Kennington Lane you’ll be capable of discover this seashore eating place proper withinside the coronary heart of London. acknowledged regionally for serving suitable meals inside a French comfortable atmosphere.

The Grand

A call widely known withinside the Camden region of London. The eating place in particular serves up burgers with scrumptious sauces. You can order a salad to accompany the burgers or to have on their own. Wash down with a cocktail or a fab beer and you’ll be certain to have an excellent meal.

Moon Restaurant

If you walk down Camberwell Road in South East London. You will discover this sublime eating place which takes delight in serving dishes from across the world. The essential food are fairly priced at much less than ten kilos in keeping with person. While a bottle of wine is priced at round twelve kilos with a bottle of beer fees round 3 kilos. Guests can order food from the Caribbean, Europe and North Africa.

French Connect

Serving French dishes during the day. Toulouse Lautrec is located on Newington Butts in Kennington. On common a major route is twenty to thirty kilos every guest, however has a fee to fit maximum budgets. You can take alongside your own circle of relatives to attempt out the snails, frogs legs or the weekly specials. Guests can be capable of carry alongside their blackberry, I telephones as wifi is one of the centers of the eating place.

White Hart of London

Not all people like pub meals. Don’t allow this positioned you off venturing into the White Hart that’s located in Kennington Lane. You should buy a starter or antipasti route from 5 kilos. The main publications will begin from twelve kilos to 15 kilos. If steak is your factor then you definitely are in for a treat. From the bar you may order wine, beer and cocktails.